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HONEST Command is the world’s first affordable and advanced patent pending small office and home office (SOHO) cyber security system designed for home and small business use.

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Command is brought to you by HONEST Security, a distinguished and trusted information security company founded by ethical hacker, Jacob Holcomb, who is most recognized for pioneering the first organized router security research study and world renowned hacking contest, SOHOpelessly Broken.

With nearly two decades of experience spanning computer science, cyber security, and network and server technology, HONEST Security has unparalleled expertise securing environments of varying size. We’ve secured some of the worlds biggest brands and have identified thousands of organizational security threats and vulnerabilities from attacker and defender perspectives. We are the real deal, and we are on a mission to help secure and educate YOU, the average home consumer and small business owner! Are to ready to become HONESTLY secure?


Comprehensive offensive and defensive cyber security solutions should not be a luxury and should be made readily available at an affordable cost to everyone with a connected home or small business. With the convergence of smart technology and human intelligence, HONEST Security was able to create Command. HONEST Command is the first of its kind, managed security research and data science system facilitating cyber immunization of our connected world one SOHO network at a time. HONEST Command delivers cyber security services and products that rival traditional enterprise level offerings, including our own! We’re RAISING the bar on how cyber security is delivered with an innovative managed cyber security system built for Smart Home Cyber Security and Small Office protection.


HONEST Security believes in an open and free Internet, and openly stands by HUMANITY by taking a strong public stance AGAINST surveillance and censorship. As such, we can GUARANTEE that we will NEVER participate in the deceitful game of collecting and selling your data for personal gain. In fact, we promise to be your first line of defense against such behavior!

Plenty of Features Granting Peace of Mind

Cyber Security & Internet Safety

Comprehensive. Simple. And Transparent. HONEST Command provides advanced cyber protection for your entire family and all their devices. Allow us to secure your peace of mind.

Access to Cyber Security Pros

CommandChat puts a personal, experienced professional at your disposal through our one-on-one chat feature. Allowing for a unique chat experience at your fingertips. Seeing is believing, and we can also connect over video if required. When you have a question, we have an answer. Connect with your ethical hacker today.

Privacy Protection

We’ve got to take our networks back! Digital privacy is NOT a topic we take lightly. Power to the people! We provide active cyber identity protection by leveraging our intelligence capabilities to compile publicly exposed personal resources and data. We limit the information collected about you, we actively block ads, internet tracking, and invasive domains and services known to infringe on user privacy.

Around The Clock Monitoring

The Internet is always on. So are we, with continuous 24/7 real time security monitoring and alerting. Command is an advanced cyber security infrastructure built to hunt, detect, and eradicate threats around the clock. Attackers never rest, and with our intelligent technology and certified ethical hackers, neither does your protection.

Emergency Alerting & Response

From webcam spying to social engineering, threats are always lurking. When you activate the emergency rescue button, HONEST Command is alerted. By leveraging the system’s advanced cyber intelligence we can provide contextual awareness for the alleged cyber emergency event. Then we’ll contact you to ensure cyber safety, answer questions, and restore confidence.

Advanced Reporting

 Keep your technology close, but keep the attackers closer. HONEST Command will provide digestible reports explaining your current cyber security and privacy posture as well as detailed analysis of your cyber threat landscape. If required, we’ll discuss and implement adjustments to your custom security models to ensure potential threats are remediated and that trust is restored.

Security Command Center

HONEST Command is an integration of human and machine, creating a next generation security command center responsible for hunting, analyzing, and remediating cyber security threats of today and tomorrow. A cloud-based threat hunting infrastructure using multifaceted offensive and defensive methods for detection and remediation of cyber security threats impacting your SOHO network.

Security Awareness Training

Understanding the latest cyber security and privacy threats is a lot to ask of anyone. Being able to grasp, quantify, and defend against those threats, now that’s the responsibility of a cyber security professional. Our passionate ethical hackers share their expertise through critical awareness training, to equip you to confidently handle cyber security and privacy threats.

Variable Service Options

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Choose which HONEST Command service offerings are best for you. Offerings can be changed at anytime, FREE of charge.

All Inclusive

Receive all of HONEST Command’s professional cyber security and emergency cyber rescue services for one hell of a bargain!



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