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ENOUGH! It’s Time to Command Security

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And welcome to the digitally transformed way of life; like it or not, technology is ingrained into every facet of our connected existence, and this is just the beginning.

My name is Jacob Holcomb, and I’m the Founder and CEO of HONEST Security. I’m thrilled to announce HONEST Command, our managed security platform delivering the world’s first comprehensive solution for Smart Home Cyber Security. You can think of us as the cyber security version of ADT and Brinks home security.

While we’re not quite prepared to launch all of our planned services, we understand the challenges presented by the COVID19 pandemic and shift to remote working have exacerbated the need for affordable, reliable, and trustworthy smart home cyber security services and solutions. As such, I’ve made the pivotal decision to alter HONEST Security’s development and release roadmap to bolster our company efforts in planning and executing an iterative service rollout. We’ve been working long and hard to bring you a comprehensive solution that would allow for effective and efficient delivery of advanced offensive and defensive cyber security protections.

As a company, HONEST Security is striving for global cyber immunity, but as technologists, we know there will never be true immunization from cyber threats; threats evolve, and as such, there will always be threats to model and threats to defend against. However, one thing we can say for certain is that we can become more resilient to attack as a connected humanity. In fact, the manner in which I’m referring is akin to our very own immune system.

We grow and adapt to the contagions of the world through operation of a dynamically adaptable immune system. It’s quite an amazing phenomenon. Fundamentally, our connected world is no different, and our technology is under constant assault from cyber threats of varying capacities. With a holistic perspective and deep understanding of this problem, I was determined to improve cyber immunity and resiliency by building scalable and adaptable self-healing security systems and processes rooted in transparency and trust. Innovative, groundbreaking cyber security protection should be an essential commodity available to everyone with a connected network. Welcome to HONEST Command. We personally look forward to securing you and yours from cyber security threats of tomorrow.

Jacob Holcomb
Founder, HONEST Security
Chief Exploitation Officer