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Raiding The Internet of Things Database (rIoT Database)

HONEST Security presents Raiding Internet of Things Database (rIoT DB)!

rIoT DB intends to be a comprehensive vulnerability repository for Internet of Things (IoT) system research. This project is in its infancy (early alpha release) and will be refined iteratively over time. HONEST Security kicked the project off with 203 vulnerability entries stemming from SOHOpelesslyBroken and SOHOpelesslyBroken 2.0 research. Hop on over to rIoT DB to see if your device has an entry in our database!

Did you find your device in rIoT DB? Hit up an ethical hacker on CommandChat to find out what to do next.

SOHOpelesslyBroken CTF Players, This IoT Vulnerability DB is for YOU!

SOHOpelessly Broken Router and IoT Hacking Contest

SOHOpelesslyBroken is a DEFCON 24-26 Black Badge router and IoT hacking contest created by ethical hacker Jacob Holcomb. This particular hacking contest implements a capture the flag (CTF) style format and intends to pit teams of one or more players against each other by throwing them into a hostile network environment where they are tasked with exploiting off-the-shelf Internet of Things (IoT) devices in an attempt to identify a hidden flag. Historically, SOHOpelesslyBroken contained approximately 20-30 devices, of which all had known and exploitable vulnerabilities that were identified during SOHOpelesslyBroken router and IoT security research. With that said, rest assured that in order to successfully plunder the booty of these exploitable devices, knowledge of networking, critical thinking, demonstrated competency in programming/scripting, and some familiarity with exploit development are required. Where have you played SOHOpelesslyBroken? And have you PWND ’em all?

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