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HONEST Security Wins May TCNewTech Pitch Contest


When Jacob and I (Amber) boomeranged back to Traverse City in March of 2019, we had the thrilling experience of relearning all about our hometown. We moved away from the area back in October 2013 because Jacob, was unable to pursue his career goals in computer/cyber security here in Traverse City. We were heartbroken to leave our families but could not pass up the career opportunity that awaited our family in Baltimore, Maryland.

Fast forward to almost 7 years later and we were finally back home. All of our friends and family know about Jacob’s passion and dedication to his work and it seemed almost every conversation led to “You should go to TCNewTech!” and “Have you heard of 20Fathoms?”. After months of getting settled into our new home and back into a routine, we finally decided that we just had to figure out this TCNewTech scene.


It was back in December of 2019 when we made our way through the blustery cold back to City Opera house after a nearly 10 year hiatus. We planned on presenting a 1 minute bar napkin pitch but ended up waiting to see what it was all about. From the beginning of the first pitch we ever heard, we immediately knew we just HAD to be involved. We not only wanted to pitch but we immediately knew that these were our people. We found our tribe; our place of belonging. We never expected to leave with such passionate excitement and a burning desire to change the world. We kept repeating to ourselves -“OUR TOWN? Traverse city!? RIGHT HERE!? – We never would have guessed!”


When our moment finally arrived, and we decided to go for it and it was time to present our pitch, we never expected it to go the way it did. Obviously, no one could have predicted life in the time of COVID-19 but we pivoted and pushed forward with enthusiasm. We knew now more than ever was the best time to launch HONEST Command!


TCNewTech May 2020 Pitch Contest

Getting things ready with Jennifer and everyone involved at TCNewTech was a breeze but keeping our nerves in check, that was the most difficult part. Let the show begin, we were ready! We went first and even though we had a slight technology hiccup with one of our slides (pictured below), we were so excited to share our vision, our mission, and our solution! 


What is HONEST Command? That’s a great question!

We were definitely paired with some stiff competition and the other presenters did a fabulous job. Then came the big moment, voting began. We waited with eager anticipation and could hardly believe it when our name was announced: HONEST Security won best pitch! Our hard work had paid off. Though this is just the tip of the iceberg for HONEST Command, it was so much fun to have a night of excitement and celebration. Thank you so much for all your support!


We are so grateful to follow in the footsteps of a legacy of amazing Traverse City based companies and products who have won at TCNewtech. The energy and determination of the entrepreneurs in this town are invigorating. We are encouraged by the variety of companies whose passions are ablaze for this beautiful place we call home. Traverse City is truly in a league of its own on so many levels, from technology and business to families and community. It’s an absolute delight to be a part of it all. We can’t wait to change the world by starting and building up our community here in Traverse City!